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As the new school term rolls around, many of us feel like it’s a chance to start over again, the same as we did at school, so it therefore feels like a good month to be ready, with a plan for the next year but broken down into manageable 3-month chunks.

By planning in 12-week blocks, like the seasons, this gives you an overall game plan that allows you to take action in each 3-month segment. Look at it like an old movie scenario, frame by frame.

Pick 4 areas that need your attention and choose the aspects of your life that you want to overhaul in the next 12 months, then assign each area to a quarter. So from September to November, you could focus on business planning and your Career, December to February focus on your Health, March to May look at your Finances and then June to August maybe your Relationships.

Start small and pick one thing at a time then create and focus your habits around one life issue. Break the issue down into; • What can I control? • What do I need to research? • Who do I need to speak to who can enlighten me?

Then create a daily routine to move you in the right direction. Do not get distracted by time wasting activities, use your time meaningfully.

For each section of your life that you decide to work upon, get a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the left-hand side, list the tasks or activities that you do in that area. So if it is Health then it could be weekly shopping, meal planning, exercise classes, gym sessions, daily walk, yoga class, weigh ins, meal prep, cooking, dog walking etc.

Then on the right-hand side of the paper, list out your biggest “wins” in that area like, meals prepared for the week, batch cooking completed, daily exercise class in under an hour, walked to shops with dog to get food shop, anything that is a positive.

Then draw a line connecting your biggest wins to the activity or task that was most responsible for the result for instance if you achieved a 600 calorie burn in under an hour via an express exercise class this would be a huge win compared to spending two hours “pottering” around the gym floor jumping on a few machines.

Circle all the activities and tasks on the left that are responsible for your big wins then look at what is left, if it’s not circled, you need to stop doing it completely or significantly minimise the time invested or delegate it to someone else. So for food shopping, if you spend two hours walking around the supermarket a week and always find you never have everything you need, then maybe stop physically going to the supermarket and shop online with your list of food, saving you the time needed to drive to the shops, queue at the tills, pack and unpack the trolley and drive home, this will probably reduce your time by half which can then be used towards meal prepping and batch cooking again saving you time in the week.

Repeat this process and be ruthless for all areas of your life and you will see that by using subtraction you will enhance and spare your time. Remember to incorporate what brings you joy! Use your time meaningfully and when you set goals start by alleviating some of the pain that area is causing you, subtract instead of addition. Get comfortable with the act of doing less for more happiness!

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