When I started my sessions with Dawn I felt like I was at a bit of a stalemate with certain aspects in my life and I struggled to see how I could work through them. 

However, she helped me to break these barriers down, through simple questioning and using role play and it made me see my issues in a totally different and much more manageable way . 

The sessions have been very effective and I would highly recommend Dawn to others, which I have done.



When I first met Dawn over zoom, there was an instant connection and I felt in the safest hands.

Her reassuring poise meant that I was felt completely at ease and was able to have an honest heart to heart without fear of judgment. 

Dawn helped me to work with some coping strategies to support me with my recent masters exam. She showed me ways to tap into resources I had within. I learnt so much about myself in the process. On the day of the exam, I took my mind back to the session I had with Dawn and drew on the resources she showed me to anchor my confidence techniques and I am very pleased to say I passed with flying colours.

My mindset has positively changed and instead of always saying “I need to prioritise” my language has changed to “I will” and “I want”.



From feeling at a complete crossroads in life after just an hour with Dawn I began to see myself in a much more positive light. 

Her approach is one of actively listening, with some thoughtful suggestions and 3 achievable targets to meet in a set time.  It has certainly made me focus on how I am going to make my thoughts/dreams happen but my next step is to put thoughts into action to maintain that momentum.  

I do think it is a two-way process and needs to be worked at by both sides to determine the best possible outcome.

Dawn has a natural instinct to enable this constructively but with empathy and has given me much-needed confidence.



Dawn really helped me focus on my plan of action and taught me valuable ways in which to remain focused and positive to get me where I want to be, I honestly think she was born to be a coach!